Month: January 2016

Date: January 9th 2016

by Amanda Fiddler, Anne Price and Terry Eagan

 A Damp, Cool and Clear Day with some sunshine, lots of mud and surface water on the Meadows.  Temperature 6°C    1015 hrs to 1250 hrs

 Robin 11

Blue Tit 12

Dunnock 5

Woodpigeon 35

Wren 1

Blackbird 6

Song Thrush  1

Collared Dove 4

Grey Heron 2

Magpie 14

Greenfinch 5

Reed Bunting 7

Bullfinch 11

Black-headed Gull 23

Chaffinch 15

Long-tailed Tit 2

Great Tit 6

Goldfinch 14

Moorhen 2

Mallard 2

House Sparrow 6

Carrion Crow 6

Goldcrest 1

Buzzard 2

Sparrowhawk 1

Redwing 1

Canada Geese 10

Great crested Grebe 1

Kestrel 1

An enjoyable start to the year, if a little waterlogged; similar to December the majority of birds were noted in transects 2, 4 and 7.

The later start was due to the earlier downpour.

 Nice to observe three different raptors this month and a Redwing.

 High points probably the Goldcrest, the single Redwing (unusual to be alone) and the Sparrowhawk being seen off by a Magpie.

Interesting to note House sparrows in the hedge between transects 3 and 4.

 At least 3 Grey squirrels seen.

 See Collation Sheet for a more in depth resume of the survey.