Canal Regeneration

The New Cut Canal underwent an experimental clean-up and restructure creating the Ecology Park and re profiled stream we see today.   In 2002, the long clean-up process started with a three-year bio-remediation research project by Liverpool John Moores University for the landowners, Warrington Borough Council and Peel Holdings. This concluded that the land contamination issues could be safely dealt with on-site, whilst improving the area for nature conservation and public access. With significant funds brought into the Council from the public and private sectors, restoration work began. A new water body was created within the ‘imprint’ of a section of the canal, while other improvements included a reed bed, grassland meadows and, to open up a previously inaccessible area, a board walk.  More details are contained in this link. New_Cut_Canal IMG_2010IMG_2009 new cut cleanupNew Cut Ecology Phil           pic by Phil Putwain 2pic by Phil Putwain 3