Woolston History

  Here are a few articles about Woolston's history. We know the Anglo-Saxons arrived here around 700 AD.  The word ‘Ees’, as in Woolston Eyes, is Saxon for land near a looping watercourse. The name Woolston first appears in 1180 in a charter. The name comes from two Old English elements - a personal name 'Wulfes' of 'Wulfsiges' followed by the word 'tun'. Around 1367 an account says that the Mersey had sturgeons, mullet, seals and eels, lobsters, shrimps, prawns and ‘the best and largest cockles in all England. Brickworks Census and Map Brickworks Brickworks map Church of the Ascension History of Woolston Church of the Ascension Church of the Ascension Corn Mill at Woolston History Woolston Corn Mill Items for Enquiry woolston heritage better photos 008 Environment Agency history environment agency woolston weir Syphone Weir Woolston Environment Agency History Environment Standard_Notice   Fishy tail History A fishy tale - Copy Salmon Male Atlantic in Mersey Fustian History Fustian cutting Fustian cutter picture Paddington Works History Paddington Works Paddington Works Padgate Cottage Homes History Padgate Cottage Homes Padgate Cottage Homes a St Peter's Church History Woolston St Peters Church St Peters Church Woolston St Peter's Church History of Woolston www stpetereschurchwoolston St-Peter-and-St-Michael-Warrington Woolston 1871 Worrals Directory History Woolston 1871 Worrals Wesleyan Chapel Martinscroft Woolston a Brief History History A Brief History of Woolston Church of the Ascension Mission Hall Woolston and its History History of Woolston Woolston Hall Woolston and its Parish History of Parish of Woolston Map Woolston Tithe Map Woolston and Padgate from Warrington Guardian 1968 History Woolston and Padgate - Warrington Guardian 1968 Mersey Flats-002 Woolston Eyes Area History of the Woolston Eyes Area Woolston Eyes Map Woolston New Cut from Warrington Library History Woolston New Cut Items from Warrington Library LE Horse and Jockey pub Woolston Township pack Township pack Town ship Woolston with Martinscroft History WOOLSTON WITH MARTINSCROFT Woolston coat of arms